YouTube & SEO

If you have a YouTube channel with some videos posted, you’re already ahead of most people. But that’s no reason to let up! Optimizing your YouTube channel with relevant tags and descriptions can help bring in views and make for relevant and engaging content for your site.

YouTube Channel Optimization

When you work with COCG, we will dig in to your video library to gain a full understanding of the messages you’re sending. We then optimize your channel and video pages with full descriptions, tags, and custom graphics to help you stand out from the competition. A customized channel does more than just look good—it leaves a lasting impression!

Video Embeds & Rich Snippets

Once your YouTube channel has been optimized, we can combine it with your website to truly leverage its value. By embedding your video on relevant content pages, you not only increase its chance to be seen—you increase that web page’s search result appearance. Much like with Google Authorship, optimizing and embedding YouTube videos on your website can help you stand out from the competition on the Google results page with a thumbnail of your video!

Combining On-Page SEO With Off-Page

At COCG, we take a ground-up approach to SEO. So whether it’s YouTube Channel optimization, content strategy, or social media, we know the steps to take to get results. Reach out to us for a consultation at (919) 306-8406, or give us a shout online.