Wayne Health

As a respected operating group of hospitals and physicians in Goldsboro, NC, Wayne Health was looking for a way to set themselves apart in the healthcare world while still retaining their local, community-focused feel.

After extensive discovery of their brand, we were able to design and develop a website for Wayne Memorial Hospital that was a strategic extension of their core brand strategy. The site included the use of eye-catching, modern type styles paired with a bright color palette that encourages patients to discover new things about their health care system. We also built an e-commerce portion of the site, as well as an interactive doctor section, making it simple for users to explore and utilize the website in many ways. The interactivity and responsiveness of the site allows the health system to connect with patients and those interested in their services, no matter what they are looking for or what device they may be using.

Combining smart UI, UX and technical excellence, we were able to transform Wayne Health’s image with an exciting and unique web presence that engages with patients on many levels.

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