Twitter offers one of the most immediate means of communication available to brands today.

Twitter provides a much more unique brand experience for customers than Facebook or Pinterest. While on Facebook, users’ messages and posts are often private or restricted to friends, Twitter is a much more open and transparent platform. COCG is here to help you make the most of Twitter’s various advantages.

Give Your Brand Personality

Twitter marketing is different than other platforms in that it allows for much more immediate and personal reactions. Brands are now becoming engaged in cultural events, such as tweeting humorous observations during the Super Bowl, or even offering up friendly banter between competing brands.

Respond to Customers

Twitter also excels at allowing brands to communicate directly with customers. Several notable brands use Twitter as a method of customer service, allowing customers to tweet their issues and have them resolved in a very timely (and public) manner. This helps demonstrate that your brand is not only responsive and helpful, but that it actually cares about its customers.

Social Media & Twitter Marketing

On its own, Twitter can be a great way to reach and communicate with a specific audience. As part of an overall social media marketing strategy, it helps reinforce brand messaging and spread your ideas to a wider audience. COCG offers Twitter marketing as a part of our comprehensive social media marketing service to help your business build followers and ultimately, increase the ROI of your marketing dollars.