Social Media Strategy

A social media marketing strategy is more than just flooding your followers with tweets and posts.

At COCG, we help devise social media strategies for businesses across a variety of industries on several different social media platforms. Whether you are interested in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or some other network, we know how to pinpoint and take advantage of the subtle differences between your audiences.

Social Strategy That Suits Your Business

Building and maintaining a social following takes a bit of finesse. Different businesses call for different messaging. That’s why it’s important to us to really get to know your business. COCG works closely with clients to devise a social media strategy that stays true to brand identity while resonating with their target audience.

When we work with you, our first step is to learn your business. Once we understand where you’ve been, we can put together a social media strategy to help outline where we’re going. We are here to help you meet your social goals. Whether that means more followers, running a successful contest or selling more products is up to you!

Social Media Strategies With ROI in Mind

It’s great to get more “Likes,” more retweets, and more interaction. But too many businesses get caught up in boosting these numbers for number’s sake. You need a clear goal, and your social media strategy should work to get you there in measurable ways.

At COCG, ROI is important to us. That’s why we measure things every step of the way when developing a social media strategy. Without measurement, you end up with a bunch of nebulous nonsense about social networking. We’d rather provide numbers. Because numbers actually mean something.