Search Engine Marketing (SEM) through PPC and other ad platforms is perhaps one of the most measurable marketing tactics in use today. Platforms like Google AdWords allow brands to tightly control both their messaging and their budget while also driving highly targeted website traffic.

At COCG, ROI is at the core of all our services. Our SEM professionals are certified in Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter, and experienced with every form of PPC advertising. Whether your business would benefit from search ads, banner ads, video ads, or something else, we have the know-how to design, optimize and execute your campaign while sticking to a budget.


With Google AdWords, COCG is able to help you drive highly targeted and qualified traffic to your website. Our campaign managers are all certified professionals with experience optimizing PPC campaigns at the local, national and worldwide levels. Learn more

Bing adCenter + Yahoo

COCG’s PPC pros are also certified Microsft adCenter professionals. We know how to build an adCenter campaign from the ground-up, targeting the users who are most likely to increase your ROI and make the most of your marketing budget. Learn more

Social Media Advertising

Enhance your social media presence with highly targeted ads. COCG offers advertising along with our social media management services for businesses on Facebook, Twitter and more. Learn more

SEM Process

At COCG, our SEM process is custom tailored to each individual client. We put in the time to learn your business and work with you to determine your ideal target audience before setting up a strategy. Learn more


Remarketing is a great way to recapture visitors who have expressed interest in your product or service. COCG is here to help you build a remarketing list and target qualified Internet users.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a fantastic way to reinforce brand imaging to a highly targeted audience. Targeting options include managed display placements, geo-targeting and more.

Video Advertising

Interested in advertising on YouTube? COCG is here to help you throughout the whole process, from video creation to ad optimization.

Call Tracking

Call tracking gives you a direct line to analyzing client behavior. With unique tracking numbers for your different marketing initiatives, tracking results and ROI has never been easier. Learn more


Have other questions? Check out COCG’s FAQ to find some answers! Learn more

Call COCG Today for a Comprehensive SEM Strategy

SEM means a lot of different things to different people. The truth is that each part of search engine marketing works with the others to create a well rounded plan. At COCG, our strength lies in our ability to focus on details without losing sight of the big picture. Give us a call today to get started planning out a comprehensive SEM strategy!