Pinterest is a great way to curate relevant content to attract members of your target audience.

As an example of how to reach out to niche audiences, it’s hard to do better than Pinterest. The nature of the site means you are likely to interact with people who are already very interested in the products or services your brand provides—you just need to know how to present them!

At COCG, we work with brands to create memorable experiences on Pinterest that drive real, measurable action on your website and beyond.

Pinterest Marketing—Distinguish Yourself

A great strength of Pinterest is its ability to display your company’s services with a certain level of glamour. For instance, when many people think of “home renovation,” they may imagine scenes of sawdust, carpets being replaced, or countertops stripped bare. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Using Pinterest for marketing, a home renovation company could show visitors images of beautiful new kitchens, bathrooms and entryways. It lets businesses ramp up attention to the “pretty” parts of their business that really resonate with their target audiences. Pinterest marketing helps brands distinguish themselves.

Infographics and DIY Instructions

Pinterest also presents a great opportunity for brands to share infographics. At COCG, we know the value of a good infographic, and Pinterest is seemingly designed specifically for them. We know how to help brands create, promote, and capitalize off infographics.

Taking it a step further than infographics, Pinterest is also known to have a large base of users in the DIY world. With the raging success it has seen for recipes and guides, “instructographics” (as they’ve been dubbed) have proven to be a hit. They offer a unique way of connecting with your audience, going beyond simple advertising and providing value.

Pinterest as Part of a Social Media Marketing Plan

If you think Pinterest could enhance your ongoing social media marketing efforts, give COCG a call. We work with brands to unify their marketing efforts across all mediums, allowing them to present a solid and consistent experience to their target audience across any touchpoint. Give us a call today for a social media or Pinterest marketing consultation!