Mobile Marketing

“If you don’t have a mobile marketing strategy, you don’t have a marketing strategy.” ~Google

Google said this back in 2012. With websites seeing bigger and bigger numbers of mobile visitors every single year, a business that does not take mobile into consideration is missing out on a potentially huge opportunity. COCG’s digital marketing pros have the mobile marketing chops to help you regain these lost visits.

Mobile Display Ads

With platforms like Google AdWords, COCG is here to help you design, target and optimize a mobile display advertising campaign for your brand. These ads are eligible to display to a wide range of devices and websites.

Mobile Remarketing

To take your mobile ad targeting to the next level, COCG can work with you to establish a mobile remarketing campaign. Remarketing helps you increase your ROI by targeting users who have previously expressed interest in your brand or product and showing them mobile PPC ads relevant to their interests.

Mobile Search Ads

Mobile search ads are a great way to convey a message that appeals to mobile users. With tools like map extensions and click-to-call functionality, mobile search ads are designed to drive immediate action while keeping costs low.

Call COCG Today for a Comprehensive Mobile Marketing Strategy

Having a mobile marketing strategy is more than simply having an optimized site, or an app. At COCG, our strength lies in our ability to focus on all of the small details without losing sight of the big picture. Give us a call today to get started planning out a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy!