Local Marketing

COCG specializes in helping businesses get in front of their home audience.With businesses going as far as naming themselves after the city they are in, sometimes it can be difficult to beat competitors out on the search results page. Studies show that geographic location is often one of the inputs that people tend to search around. For instance, someone looking for a local dentist might search “raleigh dentist,” or some variation thereof.

At COCG, our local SEO experts know how to write pages that target both goods and services as well as localities. We work with you to identify your most important target markets and optimize your website to stand the best chance of ranking in that geographic area. Whether your business serves one small town or an entire region of the US, we have a local SEO strategy to help you rank.Competition for your local market may be fierce, but the local marketing experts at COCG are here to help devise and implement a strategy to help you rise above the noise.

Google Places/Google Plus

Owning and maintaining your Google business listing is an incredibly important step in ranking for your local market that far too many businesses neglect. With search engines becoming better at making abstract connections, a claimed, optimized and maintained Google Plus business listing is paramount in helping Google associate your business with the areas you serve. Learn more

Call COCG Today for a Comprehensive Local SEO Strategy

Effective local SEO is comprised of several moving parts. At COCG, our strength lies in our ability to work as a team, combining a variety of disciplines to create a well-rounded local SEO strategy. Give us a call today to get started!