InMaps graphic from LinkedIn Blog

LinkedIn InMaps: Visualizing Your Professional Network

Combine infographics with the power of social media, and you’ve got the latest and greatest tool from LinkedIn: InMaps.

The professionally-focused social media site has revealed a new tool that allows you to visualize your networking patterns, color-coded to represent affiliations with your various LinkedIn connections. Once your InMap is generated, you can label these colored clusters of LinkedIn connections — by education, employers, cities, industries and other factors.

People within and between each of these clusters are visually connected by a line in order to help you better understand your LinkedIn connections, and how they are connected to each other. Larger names indicate individuals that are the most connected within each cluster, and can be clicked on to reveal that individual’s LinkedIn profile and how specifically they connect with your connections.

How to Use InMaps to Your Advantage

So, how can you utilize your LinkedIn InMap to make the most of your professional network?

  • Explore your InMap and visually recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your personal online network, then make the necessary connections to fill in any gaps. LinkedIn InMaps helps ensure your online professional network is truly representative of your professional world.

  • InMaps can be utilized to capitalize upon sales and development opportunities, allowing you to revisit old connections you may have lost touch with and get a sense of their influence.

  • With easy sharing features for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, InMaps can help others get a broad sense of the depth and value of your professional connections.

  • When your LinkedIn connections create an InMap of their own, they can use their visual insights to connect you with other influencers, allowing you to take advantage of future personal and business-wide professional opportunities.

Utilize the Power of Your Social Network with LinkedIn InMaps

LinkedIn InMaps is an amazing tool that helps visually explain social networks and how articles, pictures, videos and other online posts can go viral. You share it with your networks, someone from one of your “clusters” shares it with their network, exposing it to others who may not have seen your post — and the process continues.

You already recognize the power of your professional social network — now harness that power with LinkedIn InMaps.

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