Landing Page Design/Optimization

Your landing page is your first (and best) opportunity to resonate with your target audience.

Beautiful web design is one thing, but beautiful web that gets results is even better. When it comes to landing pages, adherence to best practices and A/B testing is what separates a failed promotion from a moneymaker. At COCG, we believe in combining progressive design with marketing know-how to achieve the perfect balance of beauty and ROI.

Search Optimized Landing Pages

A landing page is useless if no one lands on it. A standard rule of thumb in the digital marketing world is that you always want your visitors to be as few clicks from a conversion as possible. Nowhere is this more important than on your landing page.

When COCG writes a landing page, all our work is backed by thorough keyword research and reviewed by an SEO professional. Even if the landing page is not intended to be found organically, ensuring it is optimized is key when it comes to enhancing quality score for paid search initiatives. So whether you’re trying to rank for a long-tail product or service, or simply driving paid traffic to a designated spot, you can be sure a COCG landing page is always ready to go.

Landing Page Design

There isn’t much to differentiate landing pages from regular pages if they do not have distinct design. A good landing page is designed to funnel visitors towards conversions. To that end, they should have prominent calls to action, both in the text and out, placed strategically to grab the visitor’s attention at key points.

COCG’s design team has designed landing pages for clients across a variety of industries. We have the knowledge and experience needed to help craft a landing page that gets results and increases your ROI. Give us a call today to learn more!