What makes Instagram one of the best ways to grow your company’s brand? It is unique in that it is strictly a mobile application. With mobile use skyrocketing compared to PC use, having an Instagram account is yet another way to directly communicate with your customers.

Instagram is so much more than taking a picture and running it through a filter. It is now one of the best ways to market your business or company. COCG is here to help.

Different Point of View

One of the most unique aspects of Instagram is that it allows you to give your fans and customers a different look into your business. Whether you want to show your customers how much you’ve grown in the past with a picture on “Throwback Thursday,” or you want to give your fans a behind-the-scenes look at your business during a meeting, you can capture your latest and greatest ideas in the form of a picture.

New Demographic

A big benefit of Instagram is that it connects people from all over the world through images. COCG can help expand your target audience through specific hashtags and images. With 55 million photos being uploaded daily and more than 150 million people using Instagram, COCG can give your business the chance to connect with customers that you might not have ever reached otherwise.

Easy Communication

If you are looking to build and expand your brand, Instagram is an easy way to do so. Through commenting, following certain hashtags and responding to customer questions, COCG can network for your business and easily communicate with your customers. Instagram is also connected to Facebook and Twitter, which makes it easy to interchangeably use all of your social networks. COCG offers Instagram marketing as part of our social media marketing service to help you increase your target audience and market your brand in a new and modern way.