Looking back to 2006

When Click Optimize opened its doors in 2006, we were, needless to say, an anomaly in the marketing world. While the rest of “big media” was pushing products and sales, our search marketing firm was focused on providing a creative, customized solution offering transparency, accountability, and most importantly, real results for our clients. With a passion for driving web traffic to businesses of all types, we began our journey to become a digital web company.

Over seven years into it, we’re proud of the work we’ve done with service, healthcare and retail businesses. Although we’ve grown in size and scale over the years, a commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction has remained the cornerstone of our company’s philosophy since the very beginning.

Looking forward

We’ve always enjoyed being a small company. Today we’re bigger than we’ve ever been, but we’re still relatively small at 35 people. So while we could hire a bunch more people to do a bunch more things, that kind of rapid expansion is at odds with our culture and our focus. We want to maintain the kind of digital marketing company where everyone knows everyone’s name. Including our clients.

In 2014, Click Optimize became COCG (Click Optimize Creative Group), expanding our operations to 9,000 square feet, with more than 35 staff members. The growth was fostered by added services and a new approach to market segments in keeping pace with today’s consumers. Though our roots are in search, our marketing now spans all digital services—paid and organic search, social media, paid social, performance display, lead generation, analytics, web design, branding and conversion optimization.