Healthcare Industry

Healthcare practices are complex. We make their marketing simple.

COCG has more than seven years of experience telling clear and compelling brand stories about healthcare’s most intricate products and services. We’ve watched the industry evolve, and we know the industry well. We’ve helped countless of healthcare professionals looking to make healthcare better, easier and more accessible for everyone—from the CMO looking for new technologies to help his practice meet meaningful use requirements, to the healthcare TV vendor in need of easy-to-integrate marketing platforms.

We know patients’ needs, and the words they want to hear from the healthcare practices that can offer solutions to their most pressing challenges.

Any brand can claim to have the answer. We know how to make your brand the answer audiences choose. In addition to our branding, social media and content strategy, and website and search marketing services, we offer healthcare clients:

  • Deep knowledge of current medical trends and challenges affecting marketing strategy and sales, including new regulations, financial challenges and emerging technology.
  • Well-developed targeted messages that will resonate with consumers whether they are seeking treatment, information, or preventive advice.


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