Google Authorship

Update, September 2014 — Google has announced that it is dropping support for Authorship.  Read more about the change here.

Google Authorship is a great way to enhance your search engine results page presence while simultaneously building some clout as an expert in your field. If your site takes advantage of a blog or news section, setting up and using a Google Plus profile for Authorship can be great for visibility!

What Is Google Authorship?

Google Authorship lets publishers of a website link pages on their site to a G+ Profile. When authorship is set up properly, it allows a thumbnail picture and an author byline to accompany that page’s result on Google’s results page. This enhanced search presence can influence click-through-rates, as well as perception that your brand is backed by a knowledgeable expert. It’s also a great tool to use for any guest-blogging you may choose to do, as being cited on various parts of the Internet helps you build your reputation in your field.

Combining Social With SEO

Having authorship set up on your site also allows you to begin collecting “+1’s,” the Google Plus version of a Facebook “Like.” It’s been shown that +1’s correlate with higher search rankings, and social media is becoming more and more integrated into search results as time passes.

Taking advantage of Google Authorship not only makes your pages look more trustworthy—it can also lead to higher rankings! In addition, the more you use an authorship profile, the more clout you’ll gain as an author, increasing the chance of future articles being featured more prominently!

Give Us a Call!

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