Facebook is one of, if not the most important social media networks for brands to maintain a presence on. At COCG, we believe in leveraging the Facebook features that are the best fit for your brand.

Though Facebook is often the most talked about aspect of a social media marketing strategy, many brands overlook some of its finer details. Successfully leveraging Facebook to reach your target audience requires more than making posts and asking for feedback—sometimes, you have to get creative. That’s why we offer services that take advantage of a variety of Facebook’s features.

Multiple Location Management

Having a centralized brand page is a great starting point for Facebook marketing, but if you want to expand into the world of check-in deals and local marketing, multiple locations are a necessity. COCG offers multiple location management and marketing services, perfect for medium and large brands. Learn more

Facebook Advertising

If you’d like to step beyond simple posts and into the world of paid Facebook ads, COCG offers the perfect mix of social media marketing experts and PPC professionals to ensure your ads are targeted and relevant while always valuing measurable ROI above all else. Learn more