Multi-Location for Facebook

Running a Facebook page for your brand is great. Running a Facebook page for all of your locations opens up even more options.

COCG specializes in helping businesses optimize their online presence to market multiple locations. With our Facebook multiple location management service, we can help you build out all the pages you need, customize them all with a branded design, then set up and run in-depth promotions such as check-in deals and more.

Branded & Unified Design for Every Facebook Location

If someone visits one of your business locations that does not yet have a Facebook page and “checks in,” Facebook will create a page for that location. This can lead to fragmented and incorrect information cluttering up searches for your Facebook locations.

With COCG, we can work with you to get all of your locations “claimed,” meaning that you have control over the profile image, address, phone number and more for each and every location.

Multi-Location Facebook Marketing

Once your locations are claimed and branded, it’s time to take your multi-location marketing to the next level. COCG can work with you to create targeted social ads or check-in deals for each location, helping drive relevant traffic and increase your ROI.

COCG is also available to help ensure consistency across multiple locations and their citations across the Internet. Maintaining up-to-date addresses and phone numbers for your businesses helps search engines reinforce their trust in the businesses and rank them higher in local searches.

If you’re ready to get specific with your targeting, call COCG today to set up multi-location Facebook marketing.