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Digital Marketing from a Marketing Strategist’s Point of View

Two weeks ago, Andy Waldrop, our Director of Digital Marketing with more than 10 years of experience in online marketing, branding and design, was invited to speak at the 2014 Digital Marketing for Business Conference (DMBC) in Raleigh, NC. Held at the Raleigh Convention Center, the DMBC is a marketing networking event, exhibition and conference featuring local and experienced business owners, managers and entrepreneurs.

Andy’s seminar, “The Difference Between Online Marketing and Digital Strategy,” outlined the difference between marketing and strategy, giving the audience a unique point of view on success and how to give your company a leg up in the digital world. Andy emphasized that strategy plays a critical role in online marketing and when you are interested in revitalizing your website or brand.

During this session, attendees gained valuable insight about digital strategy and why it plays such an important role in your company’s brand by:

  • Influencing your company’s online behavior through offline signals
  • Optimizing your sales funnel, in addition to your website conversions
  • Engaging and connecting with the business process as a whole

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