Custom Web Design

When it comes to marketing your business, your website is one of the most important tools you have. An attractive website that caters to your target market and provides clear channels for conversion is the fundamental goal of our web design process at COCG, and it’s something our team of web designers excels at.

Combined with well-written content, a focused SEO strategy, and clean, compliant code, we design your website to pull in more—and more relevant—visitors, increase time on site for these visitors, and ultimately, generate more targeted leads.


From outlining objectives and consulting with you on ideas and inspiration for your site, to creating initial design mockups before we start site development, we keep the custom web design process transparent and straightforward. Learn more


At COCG, your dedicated project manager will be involved in every step of your website project—including the design process. The decisions we make along the way are just as much yours as they are ours, which is why we consult with you on a regular basis to ensure our web designers are meeting your business’ goals.


A redesign not only brings your website and your digital marketing strategy into the present day—it can also have a major impact on lead conversions. A custom website redesign from the team at COCG will increase time on-site and bring in more relevant visitors, ultimately providing you with better, more targeted leads. Learn more

Landing Page Design/Optimization

Landing pages are your best opportunity to make a good impression on visitors. At COCG, our web designers work closely with our SEO experts to ensure that landing pages are designed and optimized to drive conversions. Learn more


Although our team is familiar and experienced with all the latest web design trends (take a look at our portfolio for just a few examples), we’re not into trendy for the sake of trendy. We want your website to work for you and your audience, whatever that means.

COCG will help you weigh the pros and cons of various website designs and layouts to ensure you’re getting a website that reflects your company well, and most importantly, serves your needs and goals. We have experience designing responsive websites, mobile sites, e-commerce sites, parallax sites and much more. Learn more