Competitive Keyword Targeting

When it comes to cutting-edge SEO, it isn’t enough to simply pick a few keywords and let loose. Unless you have the most creative business idea the world has ever seen, you probably have competitors. So it’s worth taking a look at what you can do to actually compete with them! That’s why COCG offers competitive keyword analysis for all of our SEO clients.

Analyze, Outrank, Outperform

It’s been shown that the first three search results tend to get something like 80% of the search traffic. So it’s no wonder companies desperately want to outrank their competitors. Here at COCG, we know how to do the keyword research that not only will help you make moves to outrank your competition—we also know how to find the keywords that others don’t.

While our keyword decisions are based in math and statistics, our process of thinking about them has some creative flair. We spend time analyzing your competitors not only to see what they’re targeting, but also to see what they aren’t targeting.

Because if a competitor isn’t targeting something, then it’s a potential opportunity. And we’re all about taking advantage of opportunity.

SEO, AdWords & More

Beyond search results, we take a look at what terms your competitors are targeting on popular ad platforms like Google AdWords or Bing AdCenter. Armed with this knowledge, we can work with you to make the call about what keywords to target to best optimize your return on investment. Because at the end of the day, it’s our job to help you make more money. Ideally more than your competition, too.

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We’ve been researching the keyword targeting strategies of companies in Raleigh, North Carolina, and beyond for quite a while now. If you’d like to add our keyword research skills to your business’ marketing strategy, reach out to us at (919) 306-8406, or contact us online today!