ROI — If You aren’t Tracking it, What’s the Point?

At COCG, we firmly believe in the measurability of marketing plans. The entire goal of any marketing strategy is, ultimately, to increase revenue. So it stands that tracking and reporting on the successes of your digital marketing initiatives is of utmost importance. A great way to keep track of inbound calls is with a tracking number, set up and monitored by the pros at COCG!

Track Inbound Calls From Almost Anywhere!

Whether your business is running expansive link building campaigns, setting up pay per click ads, promoting social media posts, or establishing any other digital marketing initiative, COCG can set you up with a suite of call tracking numbers that dynamically generate on your website to keep tabs on where calls are originating. This makes it easy to see which calls came from where, and then reallocate your future marketing budget accordingly.

Call tracking is the perfect companion to website goal tracking, allowing you to fully understand how visitors are viewing and interacting with your site.

Call Tracking, Recording, Reporting

COCG’s call tracking service also allows businesses to choose to record the audio of inbound calls, so that they can really dig down into conversion optimization. If your website is driving lots of leads, but none are converting, call recording allows you to analyze the process at a deeper level.

Maybe no one is answering the phone — or maybe you could benefit from telling your employees to make a more attractive offer earlier in the conversation. As with our various other services, we provide call tracking reports so that you can see exactly how your marketing dollars are working for you.

Give Us a Call!

COCG is experienced setting up call tracking and call reporting for a variety of businesses throughout Raleigh, North Carolina, and beyond. If you’d like to take the next step in measuring your ROI, give us a call at (919) 306-8406, or contact us online today!