Raleigh Citation Building Services

It’s no secret that establishing your business in directories such as G+, Yelp and others is pretty important for local SEO. But beyond those, many overlook a host of other business directory sites that can help solidify your businesses name, address, phone number, website and other crucial information across the web. That’s why COCG offers citation building services as a part of our comprehensive local SEO services!

Maintain Consistent Contact Information

Businesses move. They change buildings, implement phone tracking numbers, update websites, and a whole host of other things. If your business has been around for a while, odds are good that you’re listed in a variety of business directories out there already.

But what if your phone number changes? The next time a client calls you with a number she found on yp.com, it could very well be a number to a disconnected line! So now you set out to find all the places online where your business name is spelled incorrectly, all the wrong phone numbers, all the old addresses. Before you know it, it’s 2 a.m., and you aren’t even halfway done. This rabbit hole goes deep, and odds are good that some scraper site out there is spreading misinformation right now.

Simply put, businesses can’t afford to have incorrect information floating around. COCG’s business citation building and audit services helps ensure that the customers who want to find you actually can!

Eliminate Duplicates & Rank Higher

Many business directories are scraper sites. These websites will simply scrape the name/address/phone information from one directory and duplicate it on their own. With this practice running rampant, it’s incredibly easy for businesses to get listed in places like yellowpages.com with incorrect info, disconnected phone lines, or worse. Often times, listings are even duplicated! With a host of duplicate listings fighting each other for rank, it can hurt your business’s local SEO efforts and search rankings.

Get Listed With COCG Today

If you’re fighting the flood of incorrect or duplicate listings, or simply want to ensure that you get your business’ citation started out on the right foot, call COCG in Raleigh today. Our local SEO experts have built countless listings for hundreds of businesses throughout Raleigh, North Carolina, and beyond, and we would love to do the same for you! Call us at (919) 306-8406, or contact us online today to talk to a digital marketing consultant about designing a comprehensive SEO strategy!