Blog Writing

Many companies we work with have a blog (or feel like they should have a blog), but have little idea what to do with it—or even why they should bother with one in the first place.

At COCG, we believe pushing out regular content through a corporate blog not only encourages conversation with customers and potential customers—it can also serve to promote your brand and bring you measurable search engine results.

Our Blog Creation Process

First, our team will look at the current status of your blog. Can we integrate it into an existing website? Do we need to migrate existing blog content to your new blog? Do you need a new blog created?

At COCG, all of the blogs we build are housed on an easy-to-update content management system or CMS (typically the same as your website) that makes managing comments, blog authors and more simple and convenient.

Next, we’ll help you decide how to use your blog to meet your organizational goals. Do you want your blog to focus on explaining the services your company provides? Offer lifestyle tips for your retail customers? Cover the latest medical news relevant to your practice’s patients? Whatever direction you decide to go with your blog, we’ll make sure it makes sense for your business.

Finally, we’ll determine the frequency of posts and research topics for future blog posts to create a blogging content calendar. This calendar will serve to guide our blogging efforts on a weekly basis, monthly basis, or as determined by you.

Call COCG for Professional Blog Service

Your corporate blog should do more than just serve as another check off your digital marketing to-do list. A solid, comprehensive blog strategy can also push your site up the ranks on search engines, drive traffic to your website, help potential customers find your company via shares on social media channels, and much more.

To learn more about our blog writing service for companies in Raleigh, NC and beyond, give COCG a call at (919) 306-8406, or contact us online.