Social Media Ad Example

The Popularity of Combining Social Media With Traditional Media Is Growing Rapidly

While radio, television and print advertising were once considered the biggest forms of traditional media, digital marketing has recently made a splash with big businesses, and for good reason. Combining traditional advertising with social media helps businesses and organizations develop strong, engaging advertising campaigns that connect with their customers through various media channels.

The trick is to add a simple social media call to action within your TV commercial or print advertisement while not overwhelming the consumer. Below are a few examples of how big businesses have done it recently.

Television Ad

During the most televised event of this year, 58% of companies incorporated hashtags at the end of their 2014 Super Bowl ads, which was smart because the hashtag can be incorporated across multiple social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. Unique hashtags not only allowed consumers to converse with these companies in real time but also created major brand recognition.

Print Ad

Adding a simple Facebook icon or Twitter icon on your company’s print ad can drive consumers to your social media profiles. Adding a message under the icon stating that followers can receive special offers will take this tactic a step further. Old Spice has done a great job with this with their “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign. They rewarded their followers on social media channels by releasing their new commercials online before they aired on television.

Radio Ad

Incorporating a simple social media call to action at the end of a radio advertisement stating exclusive giveaways and offers encourages listeners to follow your business on Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels. The advantage of radio spots are that they are easy to update at a moment’s notice.

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