Tattoos. Weddings. Cute Animals. See What All These Have in Common

In 2013, Pinterest took the world by storm. It became one of the most popular social media channels due to the fact that it collects all of your favorite things across the Internet – recipes, DIY projects, etc. – on one site.

As an Internet marketing company, we took a closer look at Pinterest and how it ranks in terms of an SEO platform, and we found some very interesting results. For terms like “home decor” and “tasty recipes,” Pinterest showed up in the first couple of Google results for organic search.

We were amazed – and it’s because Pinterest simply takes its content from other sites while citing its sources, making it one of the top contenders in organic search. Every time someone pins something that links back to a company page, it increases that company’s rankings in Google.

Pinterest’s Most Recent Addition: Place Pins

At the end of 2013, Pinterest launched a new product called “Place Pins,” so that they could help people discover new places.

Pinterest users can now pin certain local businesses, such as restaurants or bars, that they want to check out, and it will then be placed on a map, where users can see its specific location. With users allowed to pin multiple places on one map, Place Pins now serves as a new hub for local business listings. We predict that Pinterest’s new product even has the potential to compete with the ever-popular Yelp.

Top Pins of 2013

What were the most highly-searched and popular pins of 2013? From food recipes to tattoos, the list was an eclectic mix:

  • Home decor
  • Tasty recipes
  • Places and travel
  • Technology trends
  • Party time
  • Education and classroom ideas
  • History
  • Wedding
  • Animals and cute critters
  • Tattoos
  • The list goes on…

Looking for an easy way to increase your rankings on Google? Consider promoting your company’s services or products through Pinterest with the help of COCG. Pinterest has changed the way we think in terms of SEO and has allowed us more creative outlets to increase our clients’ search engine optimization efforts. Alright, Pinterest, you’ve gotten our attention. Let’s see what you can do in 2014.