COCG vs Social Media Services

This is Part VII in our series of blog posts pitting COCG head-to-head with other marketing services providers. To catch up, see Part I: Marketing Directors, Part II: IT Departments, Part III: Design Studios, Part IV: SEO Companies, V: Ad Agencies and VI: Marketing Consultants.

The world of online marketing moves fast — and nowhere is that more true than social media. You want to stay ahead of the curve, so you hired a social media company. Now you’re destined for viral fame, thousands of Facebook fans and instant success, right? Wrong (or should we say #fail?).

At COCG, we believe that a narrow approach achieves narrow results. What is your goal: More fans or more business? We say: How about both?

Get Social — But Get Results.

Social media is only a piece of the puzzle. Online success takes more than a carefully crafted tweet, a funny video or a plug-and-play Facebook app. And ultimately, many social media companies can deliver on the ‘likes’ but not on your business objectives.

But at COCG, we’re a social media marketing multi-threat. We understand the codependence between SEO and social networking — and we can use it to your advantage. We can create, execute and manage a successful Facebook contest, custom-design the collateral AND program the landing page. We’ll tweet, comment, #hashtag, monitor, analyze — and we’ll never offer you a one-size-fits-all solution.

Custom Strategy. Responsive Design. Relevant Marketing.

Unfortunately, many companies seeking to launch into the social space see their efforts (read: budget) wasted on a plug-and-play approach. Your company’s an original. Shouldn’t your social strategy be too?

The COCG team will take a look at your unique business objectives and design a marketing strategy to achieve those goals. Sometimes that means building campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs — and sometimes that means focusing your budget elsewhere.

Our limitless marketing capabilities mean that when you choose COCG, you’ll collaborate on a strategy that is completely adaptable. Custom. Relevant. And never (ever!) simply following the next big trend. And we think that’s an #epicwin.