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COCG’s Favorite Internet Marketing Changes of 2013

Our Favorite Things of 2013

It’s the part of December that everyone looks forward to!  The part where people have time off to enjoy the holidays.  And the part right before the end of the year.  A whole bunch of stuff happened in the world of Internet Marketing in 2013… some of it cool, some of it not.  But we’ve decided to focus on the cool parts.  Because they’re cool.  So without further ado, here are some COCGrs favorite internet marketing events of 2013!

Staff favorites.—

Andy Waldrop

All the Google Analytics updates. Universal Analytics, better device segmentation, improved Adwords data, multi-channel and assisted conversion reports, improved custom segmentation, demographic information and shared custom reports across accounts. To be fair I would trade almost all of this for the return of organic keyword data.

Josh Kinney

Enhanced Campaigns in Google Adwords.  It got a bad rap for taking away device preference for campaigns, but there’s a workaround for almost anything these days.  In-fact, if you’re device target heavy, enhanced campaigns actually makes your life easier.  Increase or decrease bid multiplier by device, (and location) by campaign.  Choose which ads are meant for mobile vs. desktop (ad level).  On top of that, choose which sitelinks are meant for mobile/desktop.  Added benefits of enhanced campaigns include sitelinks at the ad group level, better reporting on ad extension performance and a slew of updated research tools (which may not be enhanced campaign updates but exciting nonetheless).

Collin Jarman

I’m so, so happy that Google finally got on top of their game with G+, Places Listings, and resolving issues with multiple claims of a location.  They’ve still got a few problems to work out, but it’s looking a lot better than it did last year at this time.

Nick Miller

I have turned into a pretty active user of Instagram over the last year and the addition of video to this service has been a great move for the platform. It works great, is fun, and represents an opportunity for savvy brands to blast out creative micro-videos to a coveted group of consumers.

Holly Edwards

Vine has become my new favorite mobile app and it allows people to be creative in a unique way. Video is becoming bigger every year and I’m excited to see what new video mobile apps are going to be introduced in 2014.


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