COCG’s Top 5 Performing Blogs of 2013

Here at COCG, we have a pretty dedicated team of people who like to discuss current news, events, and other happenings within the world of internet marketing.  If we are particularly intrigued by something, we will often write about it in this very blog!

Writing a blog can be interesting, but if you’re a data-nerd like me, it can be even more interesting to review the results.  Below are our top 5 blogs (by visits) of 2013.  Some of the results were quite surprising, and can teach us a bit about content marketing as a whole.

#5 – Web Predictions 2013: The Future of Online Marketing

The 5th most visited blog of ours in 2013 was last year’s prediction blog.  A handful of our team members made predictions on the future of the web.  Some of us were actually right!  Others… not as much.  As the end of this year approaches, look for our next installment coming soon to a blog near you!

#4 – 3 Steps to Secure Admin Access to Your Company Facebook Page

This blog listed out a handful of Facebook administration best practices for companies.  The performance of this blog is a textbook lesson in long-tail marketing, as it provides some solutions for what is apparently a common problem that page admins face… just look at the words that led users here:

Nearly every organic keyword that led to a visit is some variation of “how can I fix this problem I’m having with managing my Facebook page?”  As a good source for answers, it’s no wonder this blog performed well!

#3 – Clever Marketing Techniques

In this article, we discussed some classic techniques used by marketers over the years to increase their companies’ sales.  Though a bit outside the scope of our typical posts, this article contained some neat information that anyone could appreciate.  The top keywords we can see from this article mostly relate to the clever Smirnoff marketing strategy that we discussed.  Anyone who learns about this trick and then Googles it to learn more is liable to run across our article!  Even though it’s a super specific story, it just goes to show the value of long-tail targeting.

#2 – 5 Elements of a User-Friendly Web Design

This blog, published in 2012, has consistently been a top performer.  Likely due to it’s very topical nature.  “User-friendly web design” is a field lots of people are interested in, and for good reason!  This article acts as a resource, giving the building blocks for a good website.  It’s list-based nature probably helps draw some clicks, too!

#1 – Google Product Experiments: The Mystery of the Purple Marker

Coming in for the win, totally out of left field, we have an article from 2011!  Apparently, there is a lot of interest around what that Purple Marker in Google Maps is all about… and while there are several Q&A style results when searching for “google maps purple pin,” we seem to be the only ones who wrote about it using the word “marker” instead of “pin.”  For at least one search (“purple marker google maps”) we are even outranking Google’s own product forum support page on explaining what the purple marker is.  It’s interesting that had we chosen to use the word “pin,” this article likely would’ve been average at best.  Just goes to show the power of keyword choice!

What Can We Learn From This?

The one theme that seems to tie all of our most successful posts together is this: long-tail value.  It’s been said before, but these results just reinforce the point.  When people have questions, they turn to the search bar.  If you can anticipate the questions people will have, along with what words they’ll use to search for them, you stand to pick up a lot of traffic.  And don’t get lost focusing on high-dollar keywords exclusively.  The long-tail of search can often offer just as much, if not more value than the obvious keywords.

Moral of the story?  If you want to sell pants, don’t just target “pants.”  Remember that people are liable to search for exactly what they need, often manifesting itself as something like “khaki pants no pockets raleigh nc.”