Breaking Down Different Social Media Channels – And What They Excel At

With so many different social media channels out nowadays, its hard to keep track of what each of them does – and what they are good for. At COCG, we’ve broken down the most popular social media channels and what they do well for companies and businesses:


Timely updates. The thing that Twitter excels at is keeping its users up-to-date on the latest news and updates around the world. When every other social media channel is slow, you can count on Twitter to be blowing up, with the simple use of a hashtag. When you are looking to connect with individuals or companies on a daily basis, Twitter is a great way to do so.

Questions & answers. If you are looking to get the answer to a question quick, use Twitter – they have even come up with a platform just for answers to questions, @answers.

Job searching. Twitter also makes it easier to find a job. Not only can you announce that you are looking for a job, but you can post job openings at your company on Twitter.

Follow topics easily. Hashtags allow you to follow topics/events of interest (ex: #internet marketing).

Customer interaction. Twitter is also an easy way for customers to interact with brands.


Popular topics. Facebook is a great way to see the most popular posts that your friends/followers are engaged with. Whether it be an article, picture or simple text post, Facebook will let you know what is popular at that moment.

Easier to share information. When you share information on Facebook vs. Twitter, there is no character limit, so you can share what you want without limiting your copy.

Customer interaction. If you have a company page on Facebook, it allows individuals to search and interact with your business. Whether they want to compliment your business, or message you a question, you can quickly respond.

Photo sharing. Want to share a photo album or gallery from a business event with your customers? Facebook is an easy way to do so.

Contests. Want to get more likes and attention to your business? Contests on Facebook generally have a pretty good outcome.


Creativity. Instagram can be a pretty creative way to promote your business or company. Whether your business centers around photography, products or food, Instagram can can give customers a different view of your business. You can go behind the scenes of your company, post product demonstrations or even launch a contest on Instagram.

Share pictures or video. Pictures and short video clips are becoming more popular, and now is the time to utilize this social media platform. The best part about Instagram is that you can share your picture or video with people who don’t even follow you, with hashtags (like Twitter).

Easily connect with other social networks.You can also share your Instagram post on other social media channels you are on such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare, or even through your email.


Multi-use tool. If used correctly, Pinterest can be a virtual space for company branding, cross-promotion and product marketing.

Provides information. Individuals can visit your Pinterest page and not only see the products or services you offer, but they can also get inspiration and information that they wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere.

Cross-promotion. How does cross-promotion work on Pinterest? When you upload visually pleasing videos and pictures to Pinterest for customer engagement, you can then cross-promote them on Facebook and Twitter. The more cross-promotion you participate in, the more repins, likes, shares and retweets you’ll experience. Pinterest is the new digital word-of-mouth marketing tool. Pinterest especially excels at driving e-commerce sales.


Expand your company’s professional network. LinkedIn is known as the “world’s largest professional network” – so what exactly can it do for your company or business? Actually, a lot, as it turns out. LinkedIn can be a great way to attract business clients, generate new leads, get active in online communities and more. If you are looking for introductions, to start a new business deal or to expand your own social network, LinkedIn is for you.

Job opportunities. LinkedIn is also a great resource for job opportunities. When applying for a job, a lot of it is about who you know, and LinkedIn can be ideal for anyone looking to expand their professional circle.

Are there other major social media channels that you think can help businesses and companies looking to grow? Did we miss anything when describing the above social media channels? Sound off in the comments below!