COCG vs Ad Agencies

This is Part V in our series of blog posts pitting COCG head-to-head with other marketing services providers. To catch up, see Part I: Marketing Directors, Part II: IT Departments, Part III: Design Studios and Part IV: SEO Companies.

Own a business? Unless you’ve been living under a rock (in which case, how are you reading this?), you’ve probably noticed that the internet has become an increasingly important way to reach potential customers — in fact, for most businesses, it’s become the primary marketing channel.

But as effective as internet marketing is, it’s only a win if you’re doing it effectively — and to get it right, you need a marketing team that speaks digital fluently. That can turn Facebook ‘likes’ into tangible leads. That can measurably improve your website traffic with industry-leading SEO, SEM and PPC strategies. That can create a beautiful web design — and then turn it into a powerful marketing machine. Does that sound like your ad agency? We didn’t think so.

Ad Agency Partnerships: Traditional Media Meets Measurable Results

According to a 2012 Chief Marketing Officer Council study, 51% of senior marketers believe that their traditional ad agencies are only playing catch-up — tacking on internet marketing services without taking a comprehensive, strategic approach.

When it comes to radio, print ads, TV and other traditional media, your ad agency has you covered — but do they have the digital marketing chops to get you ahead on the web?

At COCG, we’re digital natives: Born, bred and extensively trained in an online world. We proudly partner with ad agencies who want to:

  • Extend their digital marketing services
  • Improve the measurability of their current service offerings
  • Implement cohesive brand strategies across all marketing channels
  • Provide cutting-edge web design, development, SEO, SEM, social media marketing & more

Internet Marketing That Packs a Punch — No Agency Required.

At COCG, we work well with traditional ad agencies, but there’s no one-size-fits-all path to marketing success. Many businesses find that the most effective way to reach their audience is online — through a powerful, search engine optimized website, PPC ads, social media marketing, or all of the above.

Make sure your ad dollars are working hard for you — choose COCG for  internet marketing strategy and measurable results…no agency required! We cut out the middleman, enabling you to reach your business goals faster, more effectively (and at a better price point).

When it comes to your online marketing, shouldn’t you work with a company that practices what it preaches? At COCG, we’re pioneering internet marketing — not playing catch-up.