COCG vs SEO Companies

This is Part IV in our series of blog posts pitting CO head-to-head with other marketing services providers. To catch up, see Part I: Marketing Directors, Part II: IT Departments and Part III: Design Studios.

SEO is good. In fact, SEO is great. But SEO’s not everything. Search engine success takes more than tweaking on-page content and meta-data. It takes inventive ideas, a comprehensive approach and ongoing monitoring by a team that’s committed to providing real, measurable results. Does that sound like your SEO company? If not — it’s time to get real.

At COCG, we don’t want to make your ugly site rank well. We want to make your beautiful, effective site rank well. If your website is less than stellar, we’re going to be real with you. And we’re going to help you present your business in the best possible light to your clients.

Optimizing for a Sale — Not Just for Search Engines

SEO, by definition, deals with ranking on search engines for particular terms — and at COCG, we focus just as much on ranking for those terms as on what we call “conversion optimization.”

What does conversion optimization mean to us? It means that our goal isn’t just to earn you the best search engine rankings — it’s to earn you more business. In addition to helping your site rank well for your most important key terms, we focus on metrics that give greater insight into the user experience, asking:

  • What’s the bounce rate?
  • What’s the conversion rate?
  • Do potential customers find what they’re looking for?

It’s not just about whether your potential customers find your website — it’s about whether they want to stay. Today’s high-ranking sites provide an excellent user experience: Design, content and functionality that makes users want to share what they’ve found.

Getting SEO Right: Social Marketing, User-Friendly Design & So Much More

SEO is such a small snapshot of what makes a website work. Choosing an SEO-only company is like asking the gas station cashier to fix your car. You can’t just rely on an old-school SEO mentality, focusing solely on title tags, metadata and PPC ads… there are so many more factors that go into a website’s ranking. At COCG, we make sure that your SEO works alongside the overall design, writing and programming of the site to accomplish your business goals.

Hiring an SEO company? Don’t limit yourself with a one-off SEO specialist. Consider hiring a full-service internet marketing company that has dedicated, certified SEO experts — as well as the designers, developers, writers and strategists to help you attract website visitors and convert them to loyal customers.

At COCG, we do SEO really, really well. But we also do so much more. Contact us to learn how our conversion optimization approach can help lead you to internet marketing success.