COCG vs Branding

This is Part III in our series of blog posts pitting CO head-to-head with other marketing services providers. To catch up, see Part I: Marketing Directors and Part II: IT Departments.

At COCG, we know good design. We love typography, colors and proportion as much as the next web design studio — and maybe more. But we also love results. And when a good website design doesn’t get fantastic results? Well, we just don’t think that’s a very good design.

How does COCG differ from other creative teams? We don’t start with a color palette. We start by identifying your business goals — and then designing a website to achieve them.

Attractive Design + Results-Driven Strategy

The COCG web design process starts with one simple question: How will this drive business for our client? We have dedicated, talented designers in-house — but that’s just one aspect of our comprehensive marketing capabilities.

A web design studio may fall short when it comes to programming your site, making it search-engine-friendly and feature-rich. But not COCG. As a full-service internet marketing company, we’re the real deal. We don’t just design attractive websites — we create marketing powerhouses, complete with user-friendly design, seamless web development, engaging SEO content and a results-driven strategy.

But don’t just take our word for it. Let us back up all this bragging with a few examples:

Business-Minded Creative Professionals

At COCG, we know that our creative ideas are only as good as the results they achieve. Whether we’re working on a new site, logo, branding or redesign, our focus is on creating measurable results (but the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ don’t hurt either).