COCG vs Your Marketing Director

This is Part I in our series of blog posts pitting CO head-to-head with other marketing services providers. Stay tuned for Part II: IT Departments.

Your Marketing Director knows your business inside and out. She’s got a vision, a strategy — and a limited schedule. There are only so many hours in a day, and world domination (or even market domination) takes time. When it comes to web design, development, SEO, SEM and social media, your Marketing Director needs someone to lean on — someone who can take her vision and turn it into a real, measurable online marketing strategy.

Looking for that someone? Hi. COCG, at your service.

Measurable, Results-Driven Marketing Strategies

We don’t want to replace your Marketing Director — we want to expand her capabilities, save her time and give her in-depth analytics data to help her make the best decisions for your company.

How can we help you?

  • SEM/Online advertising – We offer complete SEM and PPC management programs, which include monthly meetings, analytics reviews and campaign progress reports from our certified AdWords professionals. As a Google Engage All-Star, COCG is an industry leader in paid search management — from simple paid search campaigns to specific retargeting for video and service ads.
  • SEO – With help from your Marketing Director, we’ll identify key search terms for your industry, using this data to execute smart SEO strategies, improve your search engine ranking and draw more customers to your website.
  • Web design – We’ll work closely with your Marketing Director to design a website that complements your company branding and message.
  • Development – From custom forms and databases to e-commerce capabilities, our development team will build a feature-rich website to reach your company’s goals.
  • CMS – With a new content management system from COCG, your Marketing Director will have behind-the-scenes access to your website, allowing her to easily update content, graphics and more.
  • Social media – Let us handle social strategy, social media contests, online reputation management or all of the above! Customize your level of involvement to suit your needs.

The COCG team will work in close partnership with your Marketing Director, translating her vision from an idea into measurable goals — and measurable success. From Google ads and SEO services to tracking TV ads and traditional advertising, we’ll help you make the most of your marketing budget. As a digital marketing agency, COCG can help you adapt quickly to changing trends, while putting your vision first — and producing real results.

For examples of COCG/Marketing Director partnerships, see our work for Mount Olive College, Duke Health Systems and Kelly Eye Center.

Marketing Director Maxxed Out? Breathe Easy — We’ll Take It From Here.

Your Marketing Director needs a best friend — and we’re it. Thankfully we also happen to be web designers, developers, SEO pros, AdWords experts, social media strategists and everything else she needs too. Extend your marketing capabilities and achieve measurable success with help from COCG!