Motorcycles, Mexican Food, and Facebook Graph Search

The social media world has been eagerly awaiting Facebook Graph Search ever since it was announced back in January. Yesterday, Facebook’s semantic search engine made its debut to the world and you can get in on the fun by clicking HERE.

Facebook Graph Search is an interesting way to sift through the copious amounts of data Facebook has been collecting on all of us for years. Let’s say you are thinking of buying a motorcycle in New York. How could Facebook Graph Search help you find friends who might be able to make recommendations to you about dealerships? Check out the image below:

Facebook combines a set of seemingly unrelated data (location, Fan Page likes, etc.) to point me to the perfect person in my network to ask about a very specific problem. It saves the step of having to request help blindly from your network and can allow you to ask a more pointed question to the right person immediately.

How might Facebook Graph Search assist businesses with Fan Pages? Facebook users can locate your company by searching with a phrase such as “Mexican restaurants my friends like.” 

The result shows the businesses, their locations, and the ratings of Mexican restaurants my friends are fans of on Facebook. This shows the importance of maintaining a Fan Page for local businesses and cultivating a group of fans. Trust is highest within a customer’s social circle and a recommendation carries weight that an advertisement simply cannot match.  

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