Facebook Rolls Out Location Pages for Chains & Franchises

Facebook. Location. Pages. They’ve been a long time coming.

If your company has multiple stores, restaurants or locations, you know what I’m talking about. You’ve probably ogled McDonald’s Facebook locations or Starbucks’ Facebook locations with their fancy Check-in Deals and cohesive branding and wondered when managing multiple Facebook Pages would get that easy for the little guys. If you’re like us, you’ve probably emailed Facebook reps more than you’d like to admit, essentially begging them to add this functionality for smaller chains.

Well we’re here to tell you that those emails have finally paid off. Facebook has heard our collective sighs of frustration and is rolling out feature-rich location Pages for multi-location brands of all sizes.

So Why Create Verified Facebook Location Pages?

It’s not just about allowing fans to check into your local branches via Facebook (though that’s a pretty good benefit). It’s about the added functionality and promotional opportunities reserved exclusively for verified location Pages. If you have multiple brand locations and only one Facebook Page, you’re neglecting a powerful tool in your social marketing arsenal.

Setting up multiple location Pages on Facebook gives you access to several exclusive advantages, including:

  • Check-in Deals – No, Check-in Deals haven’t been edged out by Facebook Offers — they’re just exclusive to location Pages. Create a Check-in Deal to incentivize fans to visit your location and check-in via Facebook — and watch as customers spread the word for you.
  • Facebook WiFi – Locations with separate, verified Facebook Pages can also opt in to Facebook WiFi, allowing customers to access free internet while incentivizing them to check-in to the location Page.
  • Brand cohesion – Official Facebook location Pages default to a standard profile and cover image, creating a cohesive (and simple!) branding solution. Plus, location check-ins are aggregated on your main Facebook Page — allowing you (and fans) to see how popular you really are.
  • Simplified Page management – Facebook makes managing multiple location Pages easy. All location Pages can be accessed from the admin panel on your main page — so you can edit or delete locations as necessary.
  • Graph search relevance – With check-ins come new ways for Facebook users to discover your business. Fans checking into your pizza restaurant, for instance, mean that when their friends search Facebook Graph Search for “pizza places my friends have been,” your locations will pop up.

Sound too good to be true? There is one downside: For the time being, location Pages aren’t equipped with Facebook Insights, meaning that you don’t have access to analytics data (but that’s likely to change soon).

Count Me In. How Do I Get Started?

Leave it to us! Creating and verifying multi-location Facebook Pages is a detailed and time-consuming process — and the COCG team has it down to a science. Let us help you take advantage of Facebook’s new location Page system — call today to learn more.