Facebook Announces Video Now Available On Instagram

The highly anticipated news conference announced earlier in the week by Facebook has finally come to fruition! Many people had speculations as to what would be announced, but YES, it is finally here – Video On Instagram!

Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in April 2012, but it was rumored that Instagram has been working on video capabilities for almost 2 years now.  Either way, we’re really excited to see what it has in store and hope that it gives Vine a run for Twitter’s money! With the lengthened video capabilities of 15 seconds, 13 new filters in combination with “Cinema” or “Cinema stabilization,” it looks like Video On Instagram is already setting itself apart from Vine.

Aside from the obvious – longer video times, new filters and cinema- we’re enthusiastic about is it’s other sharing capabilities. Vine is easily sharable on Twitter, but seeing that Instagram is already owned by Facebook the seamlessness of sharing these videos should be pretty stellar. Facebook seems to be aiming toward a more visual layout and this is one more step in that direction. The recent activation of hashtag capabilities will certainly go hand in hand with Instagram’s. It is a well rounded win-win for Facebook & Instagram, especially considering Instagram currently has a much larger user base than Vine!

What we are looking forward to seeing is how all of this will tie in together with the recent launch of commenting on statuses with a picture. Is the future love child of Facebook and Instagram enabling 15 second video comments? If so, what are the pros and what are the cons?

Highlights from Press Conference:

  • 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram since it’s inception.
  • Instagram photos receive 1 billion likes every day.
  • Instagram has 130 people using Instagram every month.
  • ?Speed, simplicity & beauty was the foundation of only sharing photos, initially, but much harder with video.

?How is Instagram better?

  • Same screen with video icon on the bottom right.
  • Hold button to start recording video, up to 15 seconds!
  • Video editing is made easy through a “delete bar.”
  • Video preivew frame is chosen by the user, not the first second of the video.
  • Cinematic stabalization for videos allows the average user to create a gorgeous, stabalized video.

How will videos show up in the Instagram feed?

  • You will still have beautiful content in the feed.
  • Video will play once, it will not be on loop.
  • Work has been on making Instagram video fast, simple and beautiful.

Let us know your thoughts on this exciting new announcement!