Google + Introduces New Responsive Layout & Design. Emphasis on Hangouts

As of Wednesday, May 15, Google has rolled out some great new changes to the Google+ layout, and I have to admit, I believe Google Plus has really hit it out of the park.

Many people are still fighting against making the jump to Google Plus, but those that seem to be hopping on board know just how well it allows all of your profiles to be streamlined, especially if you own a business.

The biggest argument I keep hearing is that it is a ghost town. Well, if that’s the case, you don’t know the right people. While Facebook is still numero uno, Google Plus is nipping at its heels.

Many people that don’t care for the new Facebook layout may just love the incredibly intuitive, customizable layout that Google Plus rolled out on Wednesday. It has even gone so far as to reactively change your stream layout depending upon if your phone or tablet is rightside up or if you’re viewing it from side to side.

So, what’s the big deal about this new update? Let’s take a look at some of the cool features they’ve added.

The “DON’T PANIC” Button – If you are looking at your Home stream, you will notice the More tab up at the top. This opens up a drop down menu that allows you to choose your stream layout. You can switch it back to the single column view if you are overwhelmed by the new multicolumn view.

The “Let’s Start A Party” Button – You may have noticed the small green button with quotations under your profile picture. This makes starting a Google Hangout easily accessible on the right hand side of the screen. You can even start a “Hangout Party” and let your G+ friends know you are ready to throw down, and by throw down we mean geek out with a Hangout On Air with your internet friends.

The “I Don’t Want To See Those People” Buttons – If you are tired of seeing every single person in your Circles show up in your news feed you can sort by Circle category. At the top of your home feed you will see the categories of Circles you have created. Can’t find your BFFs? Don’t worry, hit the more button to see the rest of your Circles.

So where is everything else? If you’re in a frenzy about where everything moved to, simply hit the Home button at the top of the page.

Whether you’ve had Google Plus under your belt for a little while or you are just now trying it on for size, take the time to look around the new layout. It certainly has combined the best of the worlds of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest and I have to say, I’m excited for what the future of Google Plus holds.