New Website Launched for Mt. Olive College

COCG is proud to officially announce the launch of the new Mount Olive College website!  As a prominent institution throughout eastern North Carolina, this was a very large and high-visibility project for us, and we are proud to say that we’ve received some pretty positive feedback on the layout, design, and copywriting.  We did a lot for this one, let’s take a look at a few specifics.

Custom Site Structure and Layout

Building a smart and consistent sitemap is one of the most crucial tasks in any user-friendly design project.  The bigger the site, the more important it is to be able to navigate intuitively.  Mount Olive College is a huge site, containing sections for prospective students, future students, current students, alumni, and more.  Once we had all of our pages, we grouped them up, consolidated, rewrote, and then linked them all together.  The result is a website where the user is able to find what they need quickly and efficiently amongst a wealth of pages.  This is accomplished by a navigation menu that breaks things into logical groups and offers drop-down menus to show further refined pages to the user.

From the homepage, users can find almost any page they’re looking for!  And if it isn’t present, it’s linked to from the nearest relevant page.  Users can go from the homepage to the specifics of a Business Administration degree in as few as two clicks!

Dynamic Design & Automated Updates

As a college website, users may visit for a variety of reasons.  We included a faculty and staff directory that automatically updates from Mount Olive College’s database every night, ensuring that current and prospective students are able to find and contact the staff they need without stumbling through old and outdated listings.  The homepage also features a News and Events Calendar that filters in dynamically to keep the homepage fresh and up-to-date.  Using a Drupal CMS gives us incredibly flexible options for customization going forward, and puts Mount Olive College’s website in a list with other prestigious institutions using Drupal, such as:

  • Duke University

  • UNC

  • Stanford University

  • Yale University

  • Brown University

  • Penn State

  • Arizona State

Whether it’s a current student looking for the latest news, or a prospective student with questions about campus life, the homepage accurately reflects Mount Olive College’s exciting and active community.

In addition to dynamically updated content, the site also features responsive design, meaning both desktop and mobile users share the same MOC experience, but optimized for their viewing resolutions.  This lets mobile users who are already comfortable with the site quickly and efficiently find the information they’re looking for while on the go!

Conversion Oriented

Tracking results is everything, and Mount Olive College’s site is designed to provide the information current students require while retaining a strong focus on conversions for prospective students.  Every page features a “Request a Visit” dropdown widget to encourage engagement, and various “Apply Online” callout buttons mean the user is never more than a couple clicks from engaging with the site in a meaningful way!

Comprehensive Goal Tracking

What’s the use of an intuitive, conversion-oriented site if you can’t track the results?!  We set up a highly customized Google Analytics Dashboard loaded with specialized reports and custom event tracking.  With this level of granularity, we can track individual clicks to each department, individual contact requests and emails, and backtrack all of this to determine the path of pages the user took to arrive.  Whether it’s to help users navigate to popular pages more efficiently, or to let the client know which messages are working best, we’ve got it covered.  Our custom event tracking keeps tabs on hundreds of unique actions that offers its users.  The end result of all this is a site that is super-optimized for both users and our client!

Going Forward

This is a very exciting project for everyone here at COCG, and we look forward to working with the wonderful people at Mount Olive College further.  Now that their web design and SEO is implemented, it’s time to look to the future.  With more A/B testing and optimization, we look forward to doing what we can to increase Mount Olive College’s conversions even further!