Twitter’s Vine Video App: Short but Sweet Social Marketing

The last few years have seen a lot of action in the social video sharing world — including Chatroulette, 12seconds, Klip, YouTube changes and more — and now Twitter is throwing its hat into the ring. Not all social video ventures have seen success…and some have been total flops. But with over 140 million Twitter users in the U.S. and 175 million tweets being sent each day, perhaps Twitter’s new Vine app is backed by just enough social media clout to prove the haters wrong.

Ready to get started on Vine? Before adding it to your social marketing strategy, read up on Vine 101 below.

Vine Videos Are Short — Very Short.

In keeping with the short-but-sweet theme at Twitter, Vine videos are instant, short, looping video clips with a time limit of 6 seconds. What can you possibly do with a 6-second time limit, you ask? Actually, you’d be surprised — both corporate and individual Twitter users have been finding a lot to say, share and show.

Short Videos = Serious Creativity.

Just like Twitter’s 140 character limit has opened new ways for individuals and businesses alike to express themselves, Vine’s 6 second time limit isn’t an obstacle — it’s an opportunity for creativity. Need some inspiration? Try these simple video ideas on for size:

Have a great idea for a Vine video? Or have an example of a company using Vine creatively? Share it in the comments section below.

Vine Videos Aren’t Twitter-Exclusive.

After shooting and publishing your Vine video, you can choose to share it on Twitter and/or Facebook. So if your business has a Facebook page but has yet to leap into the Twittersphere, no worries — you can still use Vine to share your company’s message.

Vine Is Mac-Only (for Now).

For the time being, the Vine app is only available for iPhones and iPod Touch devices, though Twitter has expressed its intent to expand Vine’s reach in the near future. Ready to get Vine-ing? Download it for free from the App Store.