Facebook Graph Search: The Next Big Thing?

It’s Friday night and you are gearing up for a night out on the town. Only problem is, you’re not sure where to go…

Thanks to Facebook’s new Graph Search Tool (which launched Tuesday), you will soon have the opportunity to browse area restaurants and bars that your friends have “liked” – even tailoring the search results to display only those dining establishments that have received rave reviews from your friends in a specific demographic, i.e. those who have posted about having lived in another country and/or are vegetarians.

The internally-focused social search function is designed to allow you to do much more than find a bite to eat. It could also help you:

  • Find a job
  • Get a date
  • Recruit (whether for a job or a pickup game)
  • Find a restaurant or business your friends like
  • Take a trip down memory lane
  • And much more!

Facebook’s Graph Search is being rolled out gradually and is currently available as what is being termed as “limited beta.” Facebook users who visit facebook.com/about/graphsearch can opt to join a waiting list to try the service before it is officially released to the public.

Along with the change comes a slew of new privacy concerns. While Graph Search could improve privacy for users who take advantage of certain restricted access functions, it could also make privacy more of a liability – making some users feel compelled to share more information than usual in hopes of making the social search function more useful for friends and for themselves.

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