New Year – 2013

Making, and subsequently breaking, New Year’s resolutions is an annual rite of passage for many of us. Why do we have such a hard time sticking to the promises we make to ourselves? Why, for example, is it impossible to find a treadmill at the gym during the month of January and then, as if by magic, after Valentine’s Day, the crowd disappears? It might be because the goals we set prove to be too lofty, and the results are not immediate enough to push us through to the finish line.

As the owner of a business, the end of the year is also a natural point for you to stop and evaluate what is and is not working in your company — it’s a time to set new goals, especially in regards to your website and Internet marketing. Your company’s blog is a great place to start.

You should never be too busy to crank out weekly, well-written blog posts — posts that can improve your presence on the web and hopefully, produce results in the form of an increase in traffic and new customers.

To make a New Year’s resolution you can stick to, repeat the following pledge: “I do solemnly swear to improve my company’s blog in 2013 and beyond” by:

Writing Frequently

What’s the biggest obstacle you face in posting more frequently? Most of us will likely come up with an excuse such as, “I just don’t have the time.” If that’s your answer, set aside 1 – 2 hours each week for content creation — that’s all it takes. If you have more than a couple of employees, establish a rotating weekly schedule for staff members to contribute to spread out the work — and post once per week.

Being Creative

Don’t overthink your posts. You’re an expert in your industry, and you’re passionate about what you do — potential customers want to hear from you. Rely on your expertise and use it to create quality, meaningful content. Topical, industry-specific posts are a great springboard for rejuvenating your blogging efforts. For example, if you’re a landscaping company, you could create a post around a new water regulation going into effect or any other relevant, newsworthy event.

Sharing Content

Once you’ve created a post, share it on as many social networks you have available to you: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter — the list goes on. A lot of research has been conducted on optimal posting times, but keep in mind that your scheduling should still be dependant upon the industry you’re in. In general, we recommend posting between noon and 3 p.m. during the middle of the work week. Once a post has been shared, and if the content allows, try to engage your audience with a thought-provoking question or comment.

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