Holiday Analytics Evaluation

“Tis the season” rings through the air as the holidays approach. For retailers, it is the hottest time of year as Christmas shoppers hit the streets at a fever pitch pace on Black Friday.

However, for some service providers, the approach of the holiday season signals an apparent lag in business.

So what changes should you make in regards to your business’s marketing strategies to prepare for this seasonality?

  1. Adjust your goals. Dwindling traffic would have to convert at miraculous rates to meet conversion levels during the hot season. Set development goals instead of conversion goals. Evaluate your performance during the high traffic period, clean up hindrances in the sales funnel, and prepare to hit the ground running when demand spikes again.
  2. Redistribute Budgets.  What was your impression share during the peak season? Did you miss opportunities and leave conversions on the table?  Evaluate your PPC budgets. Turn up your budgets when traffic is highest and, conversely, turn down your budgets when traffic slows.
  3. Grow your SEO. Content is king. With reduced PPC budgets, reinvest the savings into your website. Analyze your traffic, keywords, and landing pages. Develop new pages with rich content to show your company’s value and enlarge your SEO footprint.  Don’t forget to fully link these pages into the original site to give them the analytical recognition they need.
The summer and winter seasons give you the budgetary flexibility to find the proper balance of paid search and SEO development. Listen to your customers, or in analytical speak, “trust what the numbers tell you.” Visitors follow paths into and out of your website for a reason. Evaluate your visitors’ paths compared to your goal conversions and make the necessary adjustments to optimize your online marketing efforts.
There is room for evaluation and growth in every season.  Having a hard time seeing the proverbial marketing forest for the Christmas Trees?  Let COCG show you the path.