2012 Holiday Marketing Strategies

Is your small business ready for the holidays? No, we’re not talking about decking the (office) halls with lights and tinsel. It’s time for another kind of seasonal preparation — your holiday marketing strategy.

Whether you’re in retail or the service industry, your business can benefit from some targeted online marketing this season. Don’t just add to the noise — make your holiday marketing relevant, fresh and useful to your customers. Here’s how:

Highlight Seasonal Services

Holiday retail marketing may seem self-explanatory: have a holiday sale, make a gift list, advertise it across your marketing channels, reap the benefits. But what about holiday marketing for service companies? It’s time to mine your services to find what makes you relevant this season — quick home repairs just in time to welcome holiday guests, teeth whitening to prep for holiday parties, etc. Highlight these services across your marketing channels, and consider offering a holiday discount or package.

Revisit Your Online Ads

Stand out from your competitors this season by creating a targeted, relevant online ad campaign. Keep your ads fresh by highlighting seasonal products and services or a holiday sale. At COCG, we meet with clients on a monthly basis to talk marketing strategy — contact us to start creating an advertising plan that will set your company apart this season.

Spruce Up Your Website

Just like brick and mortar shops decorate their storefronts to attract holiday shoppers, your online storefront — your website — deserves some attention. Some website changes you might want to consider:
  • Add a page with information about each seasonal service
  • Call out your holiday sale or seasonal services with a button or header rotation image
  • Update your contact page to reflect extended holiday hours
  • Add social sharing buttons to your product pages so customers can drop wishlist hints via Facebook, Twitter & email

Holiday Social Media Strategy

While you’re revisiting your website, take a look at your company Facebook page and Twitter profiles as well. Carry your holiday marketing strategy across these channels with updated graphics and regular posts about your seasonal services or holiday sale. Consider running a contest or giveaway, but if you do, keep it simple — during the busy holiday season, complicated marketing messages will fade into the background.

Say Thank You

This isn’t a marketing strategy per se, but it never hurts to show your customers and community how much you appreciate them. Post a sincere thank you to Facebook fans. Give a discount to loyal customers. Donate to a local cause. Give your team the day off to volunteer in the community. However you do it, the holidays are a great way to connect with your clients to say thanks. At COCG, we like to spread the love by delivering pumpkin pie to loyal clients (because, let’s be honest — what says holiday cheer better than sugary treats?).

Get Started!

It’s not too late to plan your holiday marketing strategy. At COCG, we’ve got the ideas — and the quick-turnaround — to make your season successful. Contact us to talk Google ads, Facebook ads, website changes, email marketing, social media and more.