What is Google’s Link Disavow Tool?

Last week, Google unveiled their “Link Disavow Tool” in Webmaster Tools.  As you may be aware, this is a feature folks have been clamoring for ever since the Penguin update hit a bunch of sites and kicked off fears of negative-SEO attacks.  Thanks to this tool, we can finally tell Google to ignore any spammy directory links that may have accumulated. 

The tool isn’t immediately apparent within the Webmaster tools interface, but it can be accessed here.

The process to disavow links is relatively simple:

  1. Start here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main
  2. Select the Site for which you’d like to disavow incoming links
  3. Upload a text file containing a list of the URLs from which you’d like to disavow links (1 URL per line)
  4. Click “Submit”

Here’s a walkthrough of the process:

If you’ve received any warnings from Webmaster tools about the quality of your links, this can be a great tool for dealing with them!