Universal Analytics – New Announcement from Google

Yesterday, Google announced some neat changes to it’s Analytics package.  It’s dubbed “Universal Analytics,” and according to the keynote presentation, we can expect it to roll out sometime in early 2013.  Wondering what this means for you and your business?  More details are sure to emerge as we get closer to the release, but we already know about some pretty exciting features!

1) User ID Control:  Perhaps the most interesting announcement is the notion of User ID tracking.  Google wants to track individual users on a much more granular level, regardless of the device they’re using.  So, for instance, say you stumble across a neat product on your desktop and then pull it back up later to convert on your phone.  Universal Analytics will know it was you both times… rather than counting as “2 unique visits,” you’ll be seen as a returning and converting customer!

2) Offline Analytics:  This is a great feature for businesses that tend to make their sales in person.  For these guys, it might be tough to know where your customers come from, and just how much success to attribute to your website or AdWords campaign… but with Offline Analytics, Google can sync up with your own CRM system to give accurate details on lead generation, sales funnels, and conversions!

3) Event Tracking, Simplified:  New Event Tracking aims to really simplify tracking users by tons of different methods.  Remember those long eyesores of UTM codes on your URLs?  New event tracking cleans those out pretty comprehensively, leaving a simple and easy to understand URL describing the user’s actions.

Pretty exciting stuff is going down, and what it means for YOU is that proper implementation and monitoring of your Analytics could be more important than ever.  If you’re an old Analytics pro, be ready for some changes… and if you’re just getting your feet wet, you couldn’t have picked a better time.  Of course, we’re always here to help with any type of Internet Marketing you may be into, so feel free to give us a call as well!