Facebook Timeline for Businesses: Using it to Your Advantage

Stressing over the lack of landing tabs and abundance of combobulated wall posts that came along with your company’s switch to Facebook’s new Timeline layout?

The good news is that the kinks and quirks surrounding the Timeline feature’s unveiling have all but been resolved by Facebook. The bad news is that social media is ever-changing and unless you hop aboard the proverbial train, you and your business are doomed to be left in a cloud of dust. Le Sigh.

Using social media to your advantage

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest are all privately-owned social networking sites. Like you, these social media companies are constantly striving to increase their sales through internet marketing. While the changes they make along the way to enhance their systems may seem confusing at first, they are ultimately a move in the right direction. It’s important you remember this when refocusing your attention on the core issue at hand: integrating your own online and offline marketing strategy to increase your company’s brand awareness.

Here are a few ways you can enhance your presence on Facebook through its new Timeline feature:

1. Cover photo: The signature feature for consumer timeline pages, which will need special commissioning for best results. Facebook has suggested you place a graphic of a popular menu item, artwork, or a picture of people using your product in this space. It is not, however, meant to house promotions or a call to action. Also, it’s important you exercise caution when designing your cover photo, as a sign up or log in dialogue box will appear in the upper right corner to those users who are not currently logged in to Facebook.

2. Brand identity: Pretty straightforward…the box in the lower left corner of the cover photo, also referred to as your “profile picture.”

3. Page summary box: Explains your proposition (given you can’t add text to the main image). Options are limited depending on your service. As Facebook says, “You can edit the information that appears in your page’s summary box below its profile picture, but you can’t choose which fields display there.” For example, pages for restaurants show price range, address, phone number and hours of operation in the summary box, whereas artist/musician pages show the “about” field of the page’s basic information.

4. Views: Custom tabs adjacent to your summary box can be rearranged to display your top three picks. These tabs give you the ability to add your own apps, or Facebook-friendly micro-sites, to your fan page. Here at COCG, we use our “views” section to exemplify our recent site launches and other work.

5. Apps: These have become more important for encouraging interactions. However, they also make it more difficult to encourage people to engage due to limited space for a call to action. For reference purposes, take a look at Ford Motor Company’s range of apps — which include a video/chat box and permission marketing promos.

6. Pinned posts: Located within the edit/remove option, this feature allows you to move a post to a more prominent position on your page.

7. Starred posts: Located adjacent to the edit/remove option, this feature will allow you to highlight a post so as it appears across the full-width of your page.

8. Timeline: The fundamental change which allows you to add images from earlier in your company’s history to demonstrate how you have evolved as a business.

Those of you tech-savvy individuals may feel comfortable handling the pending changes on your own. In this case, we recommend you spend time researching new Facebook Pages FAQ for a succinct summary. We also recommend you read in more detail the aforementioned changes originally cited in Dave Chaffey’s “The new Facebook business timeline pages – what’s missing and what’s new.”

For those of you who’d rather leave it to pros, the Raleigh social media marketers at COCG offer a comprehensive spectrum of social media services. Whether you’re interested in consulting services or complete social media management, our specialists can design a strategy tailored to your unique needs, audience, and goals.

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