3 Steps to Secure Admin Access to Your Company Facebook Page

Sometimes mistakes happen: people move around, employees leave the company, and somehow your team has lost access to the company Facebook page. Losing administrative privileges for a company Facebook page is a big problem that is very difficult to fix. In many cases, a company may not be able to regain access to their page and will be forced to create a new one—losing all the time spent building up their page and accruing followers.

The good news? It’s easy to avoid problems like these if a company takes the proper measures to protect their Facebook admin privileges. Here are three steps to take to ensure you always have access to your Facebook page (these can apply to other social media sites, too!).

1. Create a Company Social Media Policy

This is the most important step in managing your Facebook page. A social media policy should outline the proper use of both corporate social media accounts and employee’s personal accounts for blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites.

What should your company social media policy include? How social media marketing is handled will differ with each company, as each will have their own goals and guidelines. Still, there are some important topics that most company social media policies should include:

  • Company password policy
  • Who is an authorized administrator
  • Usage policies for different social media sites
  • Blog use policy and posting process
  • Interacting with or replying to audience
  • Employee social media usage, both in the workplace and for personal accounts

By making a company social media policy, it will be clear to all involved in managing social media sites what is expected. It can also help a social media marketing team to consider possible issues they may run into in the future (such as losing administrative privileges), and come up with a plan to prevent those problems and quickly address them should they arise.

2. Have More than One Facebook Admin

While you shouldn’t make everyone in the office a Facebook admin, it’s important to have more than one. The right number is probably between two to four admins, but the number will depend on your company and how you manage your Facebook page and social media accounts. If you’ve hired an out-of-house online marketing agency to manage your social media accounts, make sure you still have at least two in-house employees as social media admins. By having multiple Facebook page admins, you ensure that there are different eyes on everything that goes on your page. If a post is made with misinformation, for example, there will be someone to check it, correct it or remove the post. It will also give you the ability to remove admins, should one of the Facebook admins move to a different department or leave the company.

3. Know How to Remove Facebook Page Admins

The best way to learn about a social media site is often to poke around and explore. But when it comes to making changes to admins, make sure you understand how to do it before making any attempts! It’s all too easy to remove admins and accidentally lose administrative access to a Facebook page. While it’s an easy mistake to make, it can be hard to fix. It is worth taking these steps to protect the administrative access to the company Facebook page—as you’ll avoid headaches later!

Facebook has provided some good resources to explain how to manage and administer a Facebook page, including instructions on how to remove or add an admin. It’s also important to know how to remove an admin, should you need to remove a former employee who may be hostile. Be sure that changes to a Facebook page’s administrators are made immediately to prevent someone else from causing problems using their administrative access.

However you use your Facebook page, it’s an important, integral part of your social media marketing and online presence. COCG can super-charge your online presence and help you make your social media marketing more powerful and effective! The Raleigh social media marketers at COCG know the ins and outs of social media, and we try our best to help our clients avoid many common problems with Facebook and other social media sites. Call us to discuss how we can boost your social media campaign.