Leaner. Greener. Cleaner. (Update 1.0)

I apologize to everyone for the lateness of this blog entry. It’s been a wild week or so here at COCG. Our Leaner. Greener. Cleaner. program is humming along nicely. Its purpose is to help curb climate change here in our office and through positive interactions with our clients.

Leaner– So far we’ve instituted our new policies of powering down computers at night, using natural light as much as possible and cooling the office with some clean Spring air (invigorating!). We’ve also instituted a “ReUse” pile of paper next to our printer. Next month we’ll discuss transitioning as much as possible to a paperless environment.

Greener– We purchased our first carbon offset from TerraPass. Our money is going towards clean energy, farm power and landfill gas capture. Nice! Check out the details HERE. Next month we’ll be purchasing our first air cleansing plant and getting the recycling program rolled out.