COCG and LoneRider Brewing Company Throw A Party!

Social media and beer are a natural combination. Just look at all the microbrews connecting with customers on Twitter and Facebook! That’s why COCG and LoneRider Brewing Company are teaming up to bring you a great night of tasty beer and social media connectivity.

Who: LoneRider Brewing Company and COCG
What: Tweetup and Social Media Convergence
Where: LoneRider Brewery
When: 3/12/09 7 PM – 9:30 PM
How: Admission is free courtesy of your pals at LoneRider and COCG.

This event will include:

  • Music- Rock your favorite tunes for the crowd via as we crowdsource the role of DJ.
  • Food- Find the perfect food pairing for Shotgun Betty and DeadEye Jack. Chow down and then vote on your favorite pairing via twtpoll.
  • LoneRider’s First Commercial Premier- Ever thought that you could make a great beer commercial? Here’s your chance to prove it. COCG will choose the best video from