Broaden Your PPC Horizons

When it comes to pay per click ads, AdWords tends to dominate the conversation. But just because it’s bigger doesn’t mean prospective advertisers shouldn’t consider the alternatives. At COCG, our Microsoft AdCenter certified professionals are here to manage your Bing and Yahoo Ad campaigns.

Get the Clicks Google Misses

In 2013, Google’s search engine market share hovered around 67%, leaving Bing and Yahoo around 18% and 11%, respectively. It’s easy for SEM agencies to recommend a Google-centric approach; but often times, they leave out Bing and Yahoo—collectively a third of search traffic!

At COCG, we say a third is too big to ignore. Microsoft AdCenter ads run across both Bing and Yahoo, and it’s easy to manage ads across two search engines in one convenient location. What’s more, depending on your target audience, your company may find that its ads perform better as Bing Ads or Yahoo Ads than they do on Google! That means more traffic, cheaper clicks, and better ROI.

Bing Ads + Yahoo Ads—Leverage All Options

If you think running ads on the Microsoft network is for you, give COCG a call. Our Raleigh Bing ad experts will come up with a plan to maximize your company’s visibility across all the relevant ad networks. Reach out to us at (919) 306-8406, or contact us online today!