Apple Pay scanner used at a retailer

Apple Pay Is a Game Changer for Digital Marketers


With Apple’s announcement of Apple Pay a world possibilities opens up for digital marketers. The technology is taking aim at replacing your wallet. With the new iPhone 6 and 6+ you can use your phone to make payments both online and at participating retailers. The technology leverages your fingerprint and other security features to make it more secure than a current credit card. ApplePay connects to your bank account just like PayPal or a Square account would connect by entering your checking and account numbers and verifying your account one time. Once you make a connection to your account you never have to worry about this step again. Apparently American Express, MasterCard and Visa are on board as Tim Cook noted in his introduction to the new offering from the innovative Apple.

Here’s Some Retailers That Are Apple Pay Ready:


  • Macy’s
  • Walgreens
  • Staples
  • Subway
  • McDonalds (even in Drive-Thru!)
  • Whole Foods
  • Disney

What Does this Mean for Digital Marketers?

As digital marketers ourselves we also try to think about the changes that new technology brings to our field. With a payment option tied directly to a device there are some amazing tracking capabilities that are now available. I predict that you will see analytics software like Google Analytics and others embrace this payment option for it’s ability to tie a specific user tracking to connect to the device’s MAC address. This allows a marketer to track an offline or online payment back to a specific device. This is groundbreaking for marketers. 

Think about the possibilities. Imagine you run a chain of quick service restaurants. Currently you have very limited options in measuring your ROI on digital advertising. By having payments, impressions and clicks tied to one device you could conceivably track the entire customer journey from impression to click to purchase in-store. That’s pretty amazing stuff.

For eCommerce businesses mobile checkout have always been a major pain point. Mobile usage continues to grow at amazing rates. Google has already predicted for mobile and tablet traffic to surpass all desktop traffic by mid-2015. Having a responsive or mobile-friendly website design isn’t enough. Apple Pay solves the most difficult part of online checkout in completing the payment process. Now you can skip the process of checkout and authentication by using ApplePay’s new technology. Payments are sent to the merchant without the merchant ever gaining access to your bank account or personal information. This lessons the burden on the online retailer for security and PCI compliance as well. Apple Pay will also integrate seamlessly with the new Apple Watch wearable technology as well.


Here’s just a few benefits of Apple Pay for Digital Marketers

  • New methods for online and offline payment with a much better user experience
  • Better measurement of offline conversions since the device IS the payment solution.
  • Much improved mobile checkout, no more small form fields
  • Game changing goal tracking capabilities. Track the entire customer journey
  • Social contests directly tied to checkout behavior
  • Loyalty programs could be tracked directly through the device
  • Right butt cheeks rejoice after gaining their personal space back!

There have been other digital payment solutions to hit the market before, but never one that appeared to have the infrastructure, loyal fans and major retailer buy-in that Apple Pay now possesses. I personally think this is a game changing moment for digital marketers and commerce in general. I will guarantee we will paying very close attention to this and how retailers and marketers alike are leveraging this new technology to gain better insight and increase sales.